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for Professional Corporate Training
About the Client

BrainStorm, a leading training development company that provides interactive web eLearning solutions. Our client enables organizations to do more with their operating soft technologies by making every employee savvy with their software.

Adapted to each company and individual user, our client’s on-demand cloud-based platform, QuickHelp, is engineered to turn education into action by supplying entirely personalized learning experiences. When that happens, you can see real progress in the way you use your tools and start working smarter and faster.

QuickHelp allows companies to organize corporate trainings using engaging video tutorials, online courses, webinars, interactive templates, and other user-centric content.

From the 2011 Intellias has been BrainStorm’s strategic engineering partner and worked as an integral part on creation of a learning platform that teaches people how to take the most out of software.

Intellias is a critical and integral part of our team. I continue to be more and more impressed with the great company Intellias has become. The people we work with are excellent and there has never been a question of integrity or commitment. This truly reflects on the values instilled by owners and management.

Derek Adams, CTO at BrainStorm Inc.
So, what we are doing

Together with our client BrainStorm, we are now working on two products simultaneously. The first one already brings benefits to thousands of people. Another one is going to do similar and much more in the nearest future. We offer you to contribute to the intelligent learning solutions that deliver both e-learning platform and personalized content to nurture software literacy among employees from Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

The solution you are called up to improve is already integrated into the infrastructure of such giants as Visa, Clorox, Pepsico, Deloitte, ConocoPhillips and NASA. Like any other company in the tech-first business environment, they have also faced the one common challenge. Non-tech people were supposed to use software to do their everyday work. And BrainStorm came up with the idea of an innovative SaaS-based platform for professional growth.

From the very beginning of this eLearning project, Intellias has been BrainStorm’s strategic engineering partner and worked as an integral part on creation of a learning platform that teaches people how to take the most out of software.

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Technology stack
AZURE (Service Fabric, App Services, BLOBs, SQL DBs, Cosmos DB, Azure Funcs, Durable Functions, AMS, ARMs, EventHub, Service Bus, Traffic Manager, Application Insights), ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, OWIN, HTML5, Entity Framework (or EF Core), WebApi, SPA JavaScript frameworks (REACT, Durandal), ECMASCRIPT 6, JS plugins and frameworks: JQuery, Knockout, Breeze, Bootstrap, Gulp, WEBPACK.
CI/CD Tools
Azure DevOps, Jenkins.
Testing frameworks
Mocha, Chai, Sinon.JS, Enzyme, NUnit, xUnit, Moq, AutoFixture, FluentAssertions, ApprovalTests, Selenium, SpecFlow.
SDLC tools
Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Portfolio, TestRail, etc.

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Engineering by people
Intellias is a provider of full-cycle software development services, with offices in Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv, and Ivano-Frankivsk and with local presence in Berlin and Krakow.

Operating since 2002, Intellias has 18 years of experience in helping leading European and North American technology companies create their software products by assembling and managing world-class engineering teams in Eastern Europe.

We have expertise in all mainstream technology stacks related to DevOps & Cloud, Mobile App Development, Data Science & Big Data, IoT & Embedded, Platform Development.

In 2019 Intellias was ranked 8th in the list of the 50 biggest IT companies in Ukraine and became the best IT employer in Ukraine according to

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engineers in-house

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